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  • Pay a Bill

    This bill-payment feature acts like a product whose price you set yourself. Keep the number of bills always at 1, or else you will have multiples of the amount entered. When clicking on the “Pay” button, this bill payment will be added to your shopping cart. In your shopping cart, you will find your bill payment added as one product. If you have any other items in your shopping cart, they will be part of what you will order and pay for as well. So please enter the amount due here. Note that there is a minimum amount of £5 for this item, because smaller amount may incur fees and processing costs close to the amount paid, so it’s no worth it. Since we will see your details you enter during checkout, we will have no trouble locating the open invoice you are paying, so don’t worry about any invoice number. But if you insist, you can add the invoice number during checkout in the last form field called “Order notes (optional)”.