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Though we live in a time of relative peace, compared to much of the history of the Western world, we are still very much at war. But in this information age we live in, it’s a war of ideas. A war in which freedom of speech, inquiry, and association — time-honored and sacrosanct principles of the civilized world are under attack like never before.  ARMREG is here to stand and fight against this attack on our most sacred values with the power of the written word. Thomas Jefferson once wrote to Thomas Paine, “Go on doing with your pen what in other times men have done with their swords.”  And we at ARMREG raise our pens against all enemies of the truth about our history.

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Why We Need Help

We at ARMREG strive to steadily publish more content that the powers that be want to suppress. Our books and videos are banned from all platforms imaginable: Amazon has banned Holocaust Revisionism. Barnes & Nobel has banned Holocaust Revisionism. The US book distributor Ingram has banned Holocaust Revisionism. Ebay has banned us. YouTube has banned Holocaust Revisionism. Vimeo has banned Holocaust Revisionism. Bitchute, a video platform that owes much if not most if not all of its success to advertising itself as a 1A-friendly alternative to the censorious leviathan that is YouTube, blocks our channel in most countries of the world. Rumble, another “Free Speech Alternative” to YouTube deleted our entire channel without so much as a single warning of any violations of the ToS. PayPal has banned us. Many other payment gateways have banned us as well. All major media outlets have banned us from placing advertisements. Many countries in the world confiscate our products and burn them. The United Nations has passed a resolution calling on all the countries in the world to suppress Holocaust Revisionism by any means possible.

The only way for us to survive in such a toxic environment where government and corporate censorship is so comprehensive is by advertising directly to our customers, by focusing our marketing efforts on alternative social media, and by appealing to our patrons and supporters directly to help us fund our various projects. Read further below for a description of the various publication projects we currently pursue.

How You Can Support Us

This page is primarily about helping us financially. Needless to say, there are also other, non-pecuniary ways of supporting us, such as writing mesmerizing books that we cannot resist publishing, or volunteering as proofreaders and copy editors. If you have that kind of help in mind, please get in touch using our Contact page. Financially, the best way of helping us, our authors, and any of our coworkers — whose royalties and salaries can be paid because of your assistance! — is by using this page to initiate a donation. It is treated like a product, so you will end up with an item called “Help Us Publish (Donation)” in your shopping cart. You can pay for this donation like you can for any other item you buy, when checking out your shopping cart. All the usual payment options are available for it. Note that you can do this even if you reside in a country where we might not currently deliver items. Since the donation needs no delivery of anything, when asked for your delivery address, simply enter “USA” for the country no matter what, and you’ll be fine during checkout.

With our newly-released gift cards, there is a brand new option available to you, that is functionally a donation, but with an option for you to redeem it later on, should you be inclined to donate to us, but have difficulty justifying expenses that don’t guarantee some sort of direct ROI.

Another option that you have for donating for something in return, is to go to Germar Rudolf’s personal site, and make a donation there. Germar has been known to reward donations with autographed copies of books he has authored.