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Holocaust Handbook Volume: 9

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It is claimed that at Belzec camp, between 600,000 and 3,000,000 Jews were murdered in 1941 and 1942. The weapons used were alleged to have been diesel-exhaust gas chambers; unslaked lime in trains; high voltage; vacuum chambers… The official image of Belzec is explained and thoroughly criticized. Forensic excavations were performed in the late 1990s in Belzec, the results of which are explained and critically reviewed…

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Witnesses report that at least 600,000 – if not as many as three million – Jews were murdered in the Belzec camp, located in eastern Poland, between November 1941 and December 1942. Various murder weapons are claimed to have been used:

  • diesel gas chambers
  • quicklime in trains
  • high voltage
  • vacuum chambers.

According to witnesses, the corpses were first buried in mass gravs, but ultimately exhumed and incinerated on huge wood pyres leaving no traces.

For those who know the stories about Treblinka, this all sounds too familiar. The author therefore restricted this study to the aspects which are different and new compared to Treblinka, but otherwise refers the reader to his Treblinka book.

In the first part of this book the development of the official portrait of Belzec is explained and subjected to a thorough critique. The result of this analysis is essentially that the historical picture, which is prescribed by penal law in many European countries, is untenable, because it is little more than an uninterrupted chain of absurdities.

The second part deals with forensic core samples and excavations performed in Belzec in the late 1990s, the results of which are described and critically reviewed. These findings, together with the absurd claims by ‘witnesses’ and the available documentation about this camp, refute the thesis of an extermination camp.

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