Inconvenient History, Volume 2, 2010

A Quarterly Journal for Free Historical Inquiry


Inconvenient History seeks to maintain the true spirit of the historical revisionist movement; a movement that was established primarily to foster peace through an objective understanding of the causes of modern warfare.

Papers contained in this Volume 2, 2010:

  • Goebbels on the Jews, 2 Parts
  • Chil Rajchman’s Treblinka Memoirs
  • “The Truth about the Gas Chambers?”
  • The Non-Jewish Stake in the Holocaust Myth
  • Atomic War Crimes
  • Evidence for the Presence of “Gassed” Jews in the Occupied Eastern Territories, 2 Parts
  • Origins and Functions of the Birkenau Camp
  • The Lethal Liberation of Bergen-Belsen
  • A Chronicle of Holocaust Revisionism, Part 3
  • Christianity, Judaism and German National Socialism
  • Katyn: Unanswered Questions
  • Going Underground
  • Halfway between Reality and Myth
  • Joe Sobran (1946-2010)

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A new softbound, second edition of Inconvenient History, Volume 2 is now available! Now considered a revisionist collector’s item, this beautiful softbound book is 580 pages of hard-hitting revisionist scholarship revealing the truth on several inconvenient moments in our recent history.

Inconvenient History, Volume 2, contains all the content from the four issues of 2010. You will receive a softbound book with the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter issues of the second myth-busting year of Inconvenient History.

All the content is here. From our challenging editorials and comment to our ground-breaking book reviews. And of course, all the inconvenient truth of our feature articles. Read through Thomas Dalton’s two essays on “Goebbels on the Jews”; Thomas Kues’s studies on “Chil Rajchman’s Treblinka Memoirs”; on “Evidence for the Presence of ‘Gassed’ Jews in the Occupied Eastern Territories” (two parts), his third (and last) part of “A Chronicle of Holocaust Revisionism, Part 3 (1956-1960)”, and his reconsideration of Hitler’s stance toward the Jews in “Halfway between Reality and Myth”; Carlo Mattogno’s witness critique in “The Truth about the Gas Chambers?”, and his research paper “Origins and Functions of the Birkenau Camp”; Paul Grubach’s essays on “The Non-Jewish Stake in the Holocaust Myth” and on “Christianity, Judaism and German National Socialism”; Joseph Bishop’s nuke paper on “Atomic War Crimes”, and his “Katyn: Unanswered Questions”; Joseph Bellinger’s essay on “The Lethal Liberation of Bergen-Belsen”, and last but not least Frederic Freeman’s essay “Going Underground” on ‘Catacomb Revisionists’ and Revisionist Repression; plus comments, reviews and editorials.

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