All “Inconvenient History” Back Issues Now Available

CODOH Board of Trustees decided earlier this year to put all back issues of CODOH’s flagship publication, the revisionist quarterly journal Inconvenient History, back into print as eBook and paperback editions, meaning Volumes 1 through 15 (the years 2009 through 2023).

Inconvenient History, Volumes 1-15

I started working on that project on April 11, and wrapped it up on June 22. That’s roughly ten weeks for 15 volumes, which have altogether almost 7,600 pages. That’s an average of just over 500 pages per volume, although each volume has some 16 pages of front matters and back matters (book ads) that don’t really count, so strictly speaking, there’s a total of some 7,100 pages of text in the entire set. That amounts to one 500-page paperback book released on average every five days during that ten-week period. Of course, I did not have to reinvent these 15 inconvenient wheels. Most of the text was already there. It merely had to be fetched, reformatted, illustrated, and prepared for print production.

However, the further I progressed toward the later years, the more work it became per volume, slowing me down a little more with each subsequent volume. The reason is that Inconvenient History had been neglected increasingly as time passed, so contributions were at times in need of revision; some were not even in English but had been posted in Italian or French; others had been forgotten and sat on my hard drive in the proper issue’s folder, but never made it online. Editorials had been abandoned altogether. It’s all my fault, so I have only myself to blame.

But now, after ten weeks of incessant work, the deed is finally done. All 15 volumes have been finished and are now available as a bundle at a discounted price, both as eBooks (PDF) and as paperbacks. If you don’t have a copy yet, please consider getting one here.  Below, you find the collective data for all 15 volumes:

Volume Pages eBook File Size No. of Illustrations*
Inconvenient History, Volume 1, 2009 308 4.2 MB 17
Inconvenient History, Volume 2, 2010 580 6.8 MB 34
Inconvenient History, Volume 3, 2011 464 10.2 MB 61
Inconvenient History, Volume 4, 2012 416 7.75 MB 72
Inconvenient History, Volume 5, 2013 464 9.2 MB 64
Inconvenient History, Volume 6, 2014 568 10.8 MB 86
Inconvenient History, Volume 7, 2015 496 8.6 MB 60
Inconvenient History, Volume 8, 2016 374 8.2 MB 69
Inconvenient History, Volume 9, 2017 568 14.8 MB 127
Inconvenient History, Volume 10, 2018 538 14.1 MB 138
Inconvenient History, Volume 11, 2019 582 12.6 MB 104
Inconvenient History, Volume 12, 2020 448 8.7 MB 72
Inconvenient History, Volume 13, 2021 564 16.8 MB 121
Inconvenient History, Volume 14, 2022 592 15.7 MB 150
Inconvenient History, Volume 15, 2023 636 17.1 MB 150
Totals: 7598 166 MB 1,325
* black&white in print edition, color in eBook edition, if a color illustration was available

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