Sonderkommando Auschwitz II

The False Testimonies by Henryk Tauber and Szlama Dragon

Holocaust Handbook Volume: 45

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Among mainstream historians, the Auschwitz survivor and former member of the so-called “Sonderkommando” Henryk Tauber is one of the most important witnesses about the alleged gas chambers inside the crematoria of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp, because right at the war’s end, he made several extremely detailed depositions about what he claims to have experienced there. The same is true for Szlama Dragon, only he claims to have worked at the so-called “bunkers” of Birkenau, two makeshift gas chambers just outside the camp perimeter. This study thoroughly scrutinizes these two key testimonies.

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Neither Henryk Tauber nor Szlama Dragon is a name that rings a bell among the general populace, or even among most aficionados of World War II history. In fact, even in literature dealing with the Holocaust, these two names are not prominent by any means. For instance, the late Holocaust scholar Raul Hilberg, still today considered one of the leading orthodox Holocaust scholars, never mentioned either of them in his iconic standard work The Destruction of the European Jews. More-modern Holocaust scholars, however, such as Jean-Claude Pressac, Robert van Pelt and Franciszek Piper, acknowledge that the testimonies of these two Auschwitz survivors are among the most-important when it comes to delineating the details of how Jews deported to Auschwitz are said to have been murdered there en masse.

After the testimonies of many world-famous Holocaust witnesses, such as Rudolf Höss (see Vol. 35 of this series) and Miklós Nyiszli (Vol. 37), have been thoroughly discredited by revisionist critiques, the orthodoxy has shifted ist reliance for their narrative heavily to these two witnesses. It is therefore now pivotal to scrutinize their post-war testimonies with the same critical method that has already led to the downfall of hundreds of false Holocaust witnesses. The present study does exactly that.

Both Tauber and Dragon testified three times after the war. While these testimonies contain several contradictions, the crucial aspect of their statements is that they both geared what they had to say toward the goal of confirming the Soviet propaganda story of 4 million murdered Auschwitz inmates. To achieve this, both witnesses made statements that are technically and physically impossible and at times utterly absurd. When making concrete claims about alleged events in the camp, many of their claims are refuted by documented contradictory facts. In other words: both were mere puppets in the Soviet post-war scheme of emplacing a false atrocity narrative surrounding the former Auschwitz Camp to the everlasting ennoblement of the Soviet victory, and the everlasting shame of those who went down in defeat.

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