6th edition of “The First Holocaust”, plus audio version

The First Holocaust, 6th edition
The First Holocaust, 6th edition, also comes with an audio version.

The last edition of this fine book was issued in 2018. This was just one year before YouTube pulled the plug on all videos and YouTube channels containing anything remotely critical about the orthodox Holocaust narrative. All videos revealing pre-WWII propaganda claims about 6 million Jews allegedly dying in a holocaust were deleted by YouTube as well, although most of them say anything about the WWII Holocaust at all. But that was no “excuse” accepted by YouTube. They deleted everything certain lobby groups disdain. (Some have therefore re-Christened YouTube to JewTube, but that is an incorrect over-simplification.)

Anyway, older editions of our book on that topic had several references to various YouTube videos, but since 2019, all the links given were dead.

Furthermore, both the New York Times as well as the Chicago Tribune had relocated their newspaper archives, making them accessible only to subscribers. Hence, references in the 4th and 5th edition to those archives were also out of date.

All this was reason enough for us to issue a new, 6th edition that now points the reader to videos on BitChute (hoping that they won’t bail out of the free-speech arena as well) and to our own video collection at www.HolocaustHandbooks.com, where you can find the book’s introduction turned into a video. Hence, this book is now available as a paperback, as an ebook (PDF and ePub formats), audio book, and its introduction as a video. Check it out here.

This new edition is the result of our effort to turn all essential volumes of our Holocaust Handbooks into audio books. (Essential referring to those that can be turned into a narrative worth listening to. Some volumes are very dry archival studies, which do not lend themselves to audio books.)

Check out our list of available audio books, to see how far we have progressed with this project.

The audio version of The First Holocaust has 9 separate parts with altogether 7 hours, 4 minutes and 25 seconds of narrated time. If you buy it, you will receive a download link for one zip file of 144 MB, containing all 9 parts as follows:

1-TheFirstHolocaust-Introduction.mp3 (1:07:41, 23.2 MB)
2-TheFirstHolocaust-Chapter1.mp3 (0:34:09, 11.7 MB)
3-TheFirstHolocaust-Chapter2.mp3 (0:38:54, 13.3 MB)
4-TheFirstHolocaust-Chapter3.mp3 (0:22:10, 7.62 MB)
5-TheFirstHolocaust-Chapter4.mp3 (0:16:43, 5.74 MB)
6-TheFirstHolocaust-Chapter5.mp3 (0:36:49, 12.6 MB)
7-TheFirstHolocaust-Chapter6.mp3 (0:30:04, 10.3 MB)
8-TheFirstHolocaust-Epilogue.mp3 (1:46:01, 36.4 MB)
9-TheFirstHolocaust-Appendix.mp3 (1:11:54, 24.6 MB)

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