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Holocaust Encyclopedia goes to the printers!

While the online version of our Holocaust Encyclopedia was launched in mid-September 2023, the print edition had to wait for a while, because we wanted to use the online version as a “beta version,” so that we could iron out the inevitable kinks and wrinkles. By late November, we realized that no further constructive feedback was coming our way, so we decided to finally committing this new opus magnum to paper. The print files were submitted to the printers starting in the second week of December, and printing was supposed to start a few days later.


The pre-Christmas season is the busiest time of the year for book printers – or rather for the entire retail industry. Therefore, by the time our books came around the corner, lead times in the U.S. were longer than the remaining days to Christmas… Hence, all our customers who have ordered this fine tome and were hoping to have it under the Christmas tree by December 24 will probably be disappointed, if the delivery address is in the U.S. There is a slightly bigger chance for orders getting shipped out before Christmas in Europe and Oceania, but I wouldn’t hold my breath there either…

We apologize for this disappointment. We actually ordered multiple copies ourselves, and we’re sure not to see them until early next year. Bummer. But better a revisionist encyclopedia after Christmas than none at all… Strictly speaking, our two lead editors estimated at the start of the serious writing process that the project might get wrapped up hopefully by the end of 2024(!), but more likely only sometime in 2025! Seen from that point of view, we were more than a year EARLY! Thanks to the Herculean effort of our core team who spent on average 10 hours a day and seven days a week working on this project for some eight months almost without any interruption.

Well done!

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