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We launched the “Nuke Book”

Writing and entire encyclopedia is no small feat! But we finally did it!

The idea of writing a revisionist Holocaust Encyclopedia was born in the summer of 2021. In fact, it was planted into our minds by some Israeli watchdog organization who write in a report on worldwide anti-Semitic incidences that Castle Hill Publishers is worldwide the only organization that still publishes new and relevant revisionist material. They went on to claim that Castle Hill Publishers CEO, Germar Rudolf, had even published an “Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (Denial).”

No, he hadn’t.

Since the 1990s, Rudolf had spearheaded the publication of his (in)famous series Holocaust Handbooks, now encompassing 50 volumes and counting (vols. 51 and 52 are in the making, we were told). He had even written a huge book claiming on its back cover that it can “be used as an encyclopedic compendium”: his continually updated book Lectures on the Holocaust. But strictly speaking, neither the series, which is a collection of many special studies on a broad variety of topics, nor the Lectures, which is a riveting dialog-style book, can be called an encyclopedia. The truth is that those Israeli blockwarts didn’t dare use the actual titles of the series and book they might have had in mind, lest their readers search for them and use them to make up their own minds. Jehovah forbid!

But this aggravating tendency of these antifa commissars to muddy the waters planted a seed into our minds: We might not have a revisionist Holocaust Encyclopedia, but we certainly should have one! It took a while before the domain names were secured, and the project was launched by setting up a fund-raising entry on CODOH‘s fund-raiser web page, then rally all the revisionist big wigs to sign up for the project.

While CODOH sponsored the project with their fund-raising efforts, Castle Hill Publishers was slated to publish the results. Alas, things were not meant to be that easy. Both CODOH and Castle Hill became financially unstable in 2022, and even more so in 2023. When the authors working on the Encyclopedia asked that some of the funds raised for this project be disbursed to them, it turned out that some of it had been spent otherwise. Furthermore, there seemed to be quite some reluctance to pay out any of the raised funds. Uncertain about the causes of all this, the editorial team decided to establish their own organization that could publish and promote the Encyclopedia. This led to the formation of the Academic Research, Media Review and Education Group, which got incorporated in the summer of 2023 in London, UK, as “Academic Research Media Review Education Group LTD.”

The main body of the Encyclopedia was finished on June 19, 2023. It took another almost three months of brute-force proofing, editing, peer reviewing, and constant formatting/conversion efforts to get this work out in print, as an ebook (ePub), online with lots of cross-linking, and as an audio version. The work can be admired (or reviled) at www.HolocaustEncyclopedia.com, where a free eBook version can be downloaded, and various other formats can be purchased, including printed copies.

Oh, and as to the headline of this article: One copy editor was so rivetted and mesmerized, even thrilled by the Encyclopedia’s power to nuke the orthodox Holocaust narrative into oblivion, that he nick-named it the “Nuke Book.” We liked it. The name stuck.

P.S.: The print edition came trailing a little later, as we wanted to get some feedback first before committing it to paper. The print files were submitted to the printers on December 12, and printing started shortly before Christmas 2023, with a Christmas backlog causing some delays for our U.S. outlet. The print edition of this book is also available on ARMREG’s website, meaning this one here.

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